Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 9

     Today started with a rinsing of buckwheat that we are sprouting for granola.  One last time we jumped into knife skills.  We are all getting graded on our brunoise, matchsticks, supremes and chiffonade tomorrow.  Yay….it will be nice to get that one out of the way.  We have all work tediously and diligently on are fine cuts.  I believe the whole class is ready for this one!  After this last practice of steel skills, everyone was assigned different tasks to get ready for our pecan flatbread plates.  Marcella and Kenny worked on the herbed oil.  Hailey and Mattin knocked out the harissa and zucchini almond hummus.  Natalie and I worked on a dill and mint lemon tahini sauce.  It was fun seeing everyone operate as partner units to achieve the common goal of our flatbread plates.  After this we all worked on ice cream in the same groups.  The flavors include a cacao chipotle, lavender blueberry and basil mint ice cream.  Should be a super yummy day tomorrow!  We then plunged into what is supposed to be the most delicious banana bread with groat and almond flour that we made topped with pecan and walnut.  Looking forward to this one as Cristina hyped it up!  The last step of the plate, we made a shaved fennel and caper salad.  We all plated beautifully and enjoyed a pretty long lunch hour.  It was really nice to relax and cut up together as a class discussing our newfound knowledge and each of our plans with it.  Brent was talked about heavily as we discussed if he does indeed look like Jake Gyllenhall.  I voted no for you Brent.  Hailey agreed.  We came back in and cleaned up with a glorious California afternoon awaiting us all.  Haven't received pics yet from Hailey so I will post as soon as they come in. Be well world and look forward to sharing our experience tomorrow.

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