Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 7

     Hey Hey Hey…..Day 7 was a fun day!  We pulled our cilantro wrap out of the dehydrators and prepped them for our kimchee dumplings which  Ill talk about in a minute.  Of course knife skills were the first item of the day….somedays it is funny as Hailey and I were talking, she felt like she took a step backward but it kind of depends on the size of the veggies and fruit we deal with as to how technical it can be.  I think her standards are so high that nothing but the best is satisfactory.  You go Hailey!  The much anticipated smoothie wars happened today.  Every chef had a great spin on the luscious concoction.  Hailey had a nutrient rich veggie based smoothie with a gorgeous fuchsia color.  I gave my spin on the highly successful Universe with cacao.  They were all a pleasure to throw down our parched throats.
     Most of the day entailed putting together kimchee dumplings.  Yes….kimchee dumplings!  The filling of the wraps was kimchee and cashew based with a purple cabbage puree.  The coolest component was a ginger foam that we made with fresh ginger and soy lecithin which is an emulsifier that creates the foam.  Molecular gastronomy here we come.  It was really tasty but we can tweak it back home in the top secret Raw & Juicy kitchen.  The final test of the day was to taste our vanilla ice cream which we made in the paco jet.  Super tasty!

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