Friday, October 2, 2009

judgement Day

okay thats a little dramatic. Today is the culmination of our training and our creativity. We will prepare the three course meal that we have been working on all week for the chefs of the restaurant, Matthew Kenney, and some unmentioned special guest (that was not announced but just a hunch). We will sit in the dining room together and have a great meal, how fun and beautiful. I am excited about the meal I will be preparing, it was inspired by something I grew up eating and is truely a nostalgic dish for me...beef stroganoff! What an inspiration. Pictures and menu listing to be posted tomorrow the meantime enjoy this picture of the delicious papaya and sesame cake that we made, 3 and under only please...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tennessee Retreat - Raw Food

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make raw food for 24 people who had come to do a 12 day cleanse at my favorite and most divine retreat center in Tennessee. Diann and Adam invited me to make food for their retreat and what a wonderful whirlwind of delicious food and endless kitchen hours! I was blessed with three beautiful assistants Jessie and Amanda, two retreat interns, and my most beloved assistant Arix made the trip to Tennessee! There wasn't much down time, one late-night trip to the hot-tub, and one delightful hike out to the waterfall for a cool swim and some time by the river. I was inspired by the entire experience, and have a burning desire to know more about the nutrition aspect of raw food...plans begin for the next adventure:)

The images below are of some of the offerings at the facility...Diann and Adam have done a beautiful job growing this center.

Diann rocks this lawn mower:)
Yoga room...

The path to the Mud Palace where I stayed, the mud palace is made from straw bales.

The main lodge
"Silence" at the Sauna

My sleeping beauty...he's going to love this!

I have rallied some of the cleansing participants for a late night food demo and some assistance with breakfast! Fun! A little non-traditional but Ive always had a little trouble following the rules.

Jeff made a wonderful meal for us Friday evening...

The new Watsu room...amazing Papaya tree with Papayas!
Hot Tub
The path to the spa area...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coconut Madness

Mature Coconuts make coconut milk, and coconut flour. All you need is a clever and some tenacity! At the base of the mature coconuts you will see three holes, choose one to plant the bottom edge of the clever and chisel/whack away at it until you can pour out the "milk".
Once you empty the "milk" you can give it a good crack it will open in half. Then the real fun begins, by using a spoon you can scrape out the meat...this also takes a bit of fortitude and courage... The meat will be very hard, you may need to carefully cut it out with a pairing knife. This may require cutting the coconut into smaller pieces.
Once the meat is out you will have a three part process...1)put all meat into a food processor to break it down, 2) put processed meat into a blender with juice from coconut, approx 1:3 3) pour concoction into juicer and voila! you have coconut milk and the pulp that comes out is your fresh shredded coconut shavings.
Enjoy the milk in smoothie or dessert recipes. The shredded coconut can be eaten just as it is, used in recipes for macaroons and other delicious things or, mix with a little agave and salt and dehydrate for a sweet and savory crunchy treat...sprinkle on salads, soups, or anything! :)

For coconut flour which can be used to make biscotti, and desserts, place shredded coconut on teflex sheet, dehydrate for 6 hours and then process in a food processor. Store in an airtight jar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VERY few Images from Week 1

Its been a great couple of weeks, I have learned sooo much being here at 105 Degrees. I have been raw the entire time except on Sunday. We all need a day of rest right? Just kidding I did have mexican food on Sunday but otherwise have been raw for two weeks and LOVE it! The food has been incredible, I don't miss a thing. I have lightness of body and of mind, a sense of well being and vitality. Who wouldn't sign up for that?

Raw food is nutritious, beautiful and good for our environment, I am excited to share more! Stay tuned for more images, I promise to post more:)

News Nine at 105 degrees

Wow! I don't know how people keep up with this blog stuff it takes time! Here is a news clipping with great footage of the food, the people and the school. Enjoy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4...and the first images!

Im a few days behind and have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to posting images, well see if I can work out some details. Below are images of the front of the school, the inside of the restaurant, a view of the open kitchen from the dining room and an image of the Academy classroom.

This is the view of the restaurant from the Academy door. The juice/Smoothie/wine bar is in the far corner of the image. There is a terrace outside the visible door, and the entrance is also there near the bar.

Class has been great we have been very busy learning how to make delicious gourmet raw food! Cant wait to figure out how to post images more efficiently so that I can show you all of the incredible food we have been making:)

View of the open air kitchen from the dining room. You can see the raw food kitchen is full of open counter space, shelves stocked with air tight jars full of nuts, seeds, dehydrated flours, spices, and dried fruits, cacao nibs, etc. You wont find any grease traps here, no hoods, stoves, or convection ovens.

105 Degrees Restaurant and Academy

View of 105 Degrees from the parking lot...alright, off to class. Superfood test today and surely something else fun and interesting.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of School

The first day of school was great! We got fancy new SHARP knives, aprons, and chef hats...hmm, haute couture! The restaurant is beautiful, very modern with a delicious and diverse menu, the kitchen is open to the dining room kitchen, and the teaching area is equally beautiful stocked with the best equipment.

We made a beautiful asian salad and had it for lunch. And in the afternoon we made granola that we put in the dehydrator for breakfast this morning, and almond milk to pour over our breakfasts. We indulged in wheatgrass, and experimented making our own smoothies with their plethora of superfood ingredients that are beautifully lined on silver shelves in glass jars. Fun day, and yummy.

I made it to a Kundalini yoga class, totally fun and wacky. And actually bought some groceries. Im on my way to being settled. I start work tonight, Ive been asked to help the restaurant with their juice bar...apparently the achilles heal for 105 Degrees. Hopefully Ill have some insight:)?
...I bought a camera last night and will begin to take pictures of everything...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 of my adventure to Oklahoma...raw food culinary school

I am running late to the airport. Its not my fault but a long family lineage for me to enjoy from generations of women (and men) on my mothers side of the family. Truly would take a mass exorcism for me to get past this travel karma so instead I relax, and laugh, and anticipate the adventure.

Day 1 Begins. Lost luggage.

My host Rob greets me with a glass of wine in the garden and three hairy beast friends, a home that makes to me! A shower with dawn kitchen soap, and 9 sweet hours of sleep...a true vacation.

Rob has left me a great bike to enjoy and I am off to find a cup of coffee and the lay of the land. I am literally a block from the school, sandwiched by two midwestern roads without sidewalks...or bikers. Luckily its Labor Day and the roads are mostly deserted...and businesses closed. I end up at a place called Lees Sandwich a truly refreshing experience, filled with Vietnamese and Thai people. I dont understand a word but find some coconut milk, and coffee and stay for very satisfying people watching.

The afternoon rambles be cont.