Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 2

      Another beautiful walk this morning preparing for Day 2 of the Culinary Academy.  We all rolled into class with a purpose to absorb the knowledge thrown at us today.  We started ever so important knife skills by disassembling carrots, cukes, peppers and oranges.  Brunoise and matchsticks flew off the Shuns of the aspiring students.  We precisely cut and chiffonaded our produce into fine dining worthy displays.  The class was led today by Gwen who introduced us to Beet ravioli with cashew cheese and a yellow bell pepper sauce.  All of us were able to do our own plating and came up with brilliant displays from plate to plate.
       After making the ravioli, luckily for us, it was lunchtime and we chowed on our raw masterpieces. It was interesting as each student had their own take on the design and savvy of the creation.  Super yummy!  The afternoon was a prep session for lasagna.  Macadamia nut ricotta and sun dried tomato marinara were prepped and saved for tomorrow when we dive into a pistachio pesto.  It was an exciting day as we got hands on in the kitchen.  Cant wait to start class tomorrow and finish our next creation.

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