Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 20

     It is such an overused phrase but oh how time flies!  It is hard to believe we have been in Los Angeles for a month.  I remember getting off the plane the first night with no luggage (lost in flight) and being dropped off in Venice with no sense of direction.  Walking to school the first day with day old clothes and hoping I could find the Academy.  I was able to find and in the process of being here, exploring LA thru and thru and feeling like Venice is home.  All 6 of us came from different directions and backgrounds.  We formed a bond with each other and the teachers that will last a lifetime.  An incredible journey with a new grasp on raw food and the culture.  Much love to all of you we have spent time with in Santa Monica!  I look forward to hearing of everyones adventures in the future!
    The last day started with us making a chocolate tart with a caramel and a chocolate sauce.  It was accompanied by banana rollup with cacao chips.  Yummmmy!  The last project of the day was a carrot and lemon preserve based soup.  We all displayed our mastery of brunoise cuts as it was the centerpiece of the soup.  Cristina was so proud of us with the symmetrical cuts we all gave her.  Yay!  We took a written exam which Im sure we all aced.  The graduation ceremony was next as one by one they critiqued the dishes from yesterday and handed us the graduation certificates.  Every one of us got rave reviews on the dishes.  I think we made the Academy very proud and hopefully all of us were equally proud of ourselves.  They told us they had never had  a class that performed so brilliantly!  Well done guys!  It was such a pleasure to be a part of this and meet all the great new friends and colleagues.  Such a special moment for all.  Thank you thank you to Raw& Juicy for all of you.  From the Airstream to Ms Jenifer Kuntz.  Thanks for working so hard in my absence!  Go Jese!  I can't wait to come back and share my newfound knowledge with all of you!  The year of the horse is going to be a great for our company.  I will miss you Los Angeles and all of the beautiful things you have shown me, culinarily and personally.  Have enjoyed writing the blog everyday and keeping you informed of the progress we made.  Love and miss you all.  Viva Los Angeles!  Santa Rosa Beach here we come…….

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