Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 10

     Man oh Man how time flies!  Cant believe we have finished two weeks of school.  Everyday we are progressing more and more.  Today started with the knife skills test.  Actual cutting and a written exam.  Each one of us sliced with precision as we had to present all of the different cuts we have learned.  I think I aced it but who knows.  Hailey wasn't so sure as she and her sister have been aggressively engaging in kickboxing.  Her hand has been hurting because of her unleashing of her boxing prowess.  After finishing the test, we all made a seaweed salad with an orange vinaigrette.  It was a little early to eat but there was a purpose behind it that we found out after we came back.  It was a big secret and the teachers threw us a curveball that no one expected.
     When we entered the room there was a random assortment of fruits and veggies.  Each of us were assigned a number to group up with another student.  Our assignment was to make a dish with the available ingredients with are assigned partners in an hour.  I was paired with Mattin and Hailey was paired with Kenny.  We were allowed to use one type of nut and ask for one thing in the walk in that was not on the table.  Is this Chopped or what?  Mattin and I made a faux tuna tartare with avocado and marinated portobello.  Is was topped with a olive and sun dried tomato tapenade in a radicchio cup.  Accompanied with a faux sriracha foam.  Delicioso!  Hailey and Kenny made a walnut based taco meat encompassed by a bibb lettuce leaf with avocado and a lime slaw.  Muy delicious!   The other group made a portobello stuffed with a cashew cheese and topped with a pea puree.  Yummy!  We all described our dishes and then were critiqued by the three instructors.  All of us passed with flying colors!  The day was pretty much done except for the tasting of the banana bread paired with a  cacao chipotle ice cream……really really good.   The banana bread is spot on and the ice cream was unbelievably excellent!  The progress we have all made in two weeks is incredible.  We all come from different backgrounds and levels of experience.  We are so fortunate to be a part of this.  We are growing as people and chefs.  We are truly blessed!  Cant wait for week 3…..

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