Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5

     Wow!  It is so hard to believe we finished a week already.  It went by so quick as we stayed busy making so many beautiful dishes.   Today we started with faux anchovies (shitakes) which were for our caesar salad.  We also marinated shitakes for the lovely sushi rolls we put together later in the class.  Knife skills next as we crushed our supremes and chiffonades.
     We started building our components for our sushi rolls next.  We made a sushi rice made with jicama.  Brilliant!  Tasted sooooo good.  We built our sushi rolls with the rice, avocado, bell pepper, cukes, carrots and our marinated mushrooms with end pieces of watercress greens.  It was surprising as most in the class were able to roll the sushi with no complications.  Good teaching Cristina!  A chipotle aioli that Hailey, Mattin and I made were the finishing touches to the plate.  We got to munch on these delectable morsels of vegetable protruberances.  After a refreshing lunch break outside on a cloudless Santa Monica afternoon with some great fellow students, we came back inside to finish our caesar salads.
     The caesar salads were composed of a cashew dulse dressing, the pine nut parmesan we made the day before, the rosemary almond flour croutons and the shitake anchovies.  Super lovely and light dish!  The week ended with a weekly deep clean.  Cleaning the cracks and crevices that we marvelously soiled during the week in an effort to make the finest raw cuisine.  What a great week!  Putting together tasty treats and meeting some very special people along the way.  Here we come week 2, coming to get ya!  Here are

the photos I know everyone has been waiting for.

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