Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 16

     Here we go….the start of final project week!  We all came up with a menu to present our dishes.  We have to make two dishes and present them on Thursday.  Basically, the whole week is centered around are dish components and gives us the freedom to use our hours wisely.  Before we jumped into preparation, we made a chia seed pudding with a cashew chai sauce and fresh berries.  Very very tasty breakfast we enjoyed before making the plunge into the graduation dishes.  I am going to make a deconstructed Pad Thai with daikon as the noodles.  A peanut sauce and roasted jalapeño foam for the sauces.  My other dish is Tom Kha Gai soup, a traditional Thai soup with a veggie and coconut broth.  Started working on my components and I think it should be pretty awesome.  Hailey went in a completely opposite direction and is making a traditional Southern dish.  All I can say is that her barbecue sauce is the best I have tasted yet.  The flavor was helped out by a traditional Chinese tea.  I think it goes something like this…..barbecue ribs and collards.  Hmmmm….sounds yummy but tricky.  Her dessert is going to be an apple pie.  Stay tuned for the progress day to day.  Hopefully there are no setbacks and we all apply the knowledge we have learned this month and apply it to the yummiest dishes ever!

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