Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 15

     Here we go…..the countdown to final project starts.  Today was a relatively easy day in class.  We started off getting to eat the yogurt and granola that we made earlier in the week.  Very very good but really filling.  The next order of business was the much talked about cheese plates.  We were each assigned the task of putting together cheese plates for the class and some other guests to see and try.  I made a cheese of sun dried tomato powder and sun dried tomatoes.  The other cheese I made was a herbs de provence and cumin.  Hailey made a jalapeño cheddar and a basil thyme.  All four were terrific!  To go with the cheese plates, we made garlic bread a few days before.  We each had to design, make and present.  I made a fig jam, a berry compote and a sun dried tomato and olive tapenade.  I also included spiced almonds and dried pears.  Hailey made a strawberry compote with basil leaves.  The crowd liked all of our dishes.  It was interesting to see how everyones plating style has evolved.  The sauces and design show a little bit about each persons background and style.  Enjoy the pics!  See you on Monday….

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