Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 12

     What a lovely day in class……we actually got to eat breakfast almost immediately.  We pulled our pecan and maple pancakes out of the dehydrators and made some most excellent pancakes with all kinds of berries and fruit.  YUUUUUMMY!  After getting a pleasant surprise, we pulled our herbed cheeses out as well and learned a nifty trick to give the appearance of swiss cheese.  We will be using the cheese for the sliders that we will make.  After that we made a batch of faux sautéed onions using a date paste that we put together.  We are learning so many new tricks to elevate the ingredients.  So interesting and fun to get new ideas.
     For are lunchtime activity cucumbers and radish were involved.  We made a salad of this with a lemon vinaigrette.  It kind of sounds boring but with the proper vinaigrette and some TLC on plating techniques this dish becomes so delicious looking and tasting.  We got an intro to kefir as well and will be sent home so we can make this gratifying beverage at our respective homes.  Learned that the Turks created this beverage by accident as they were goat herders and their milk naturally would ferment in their animal skin canteens.  The word kefir roughly translates to feel good.  Who wouldn't want to drink that?  Of course, our version is not made from dairy but from coconut water.  We finished up the day a coconut meat yogurt that is fermenting as I write this.  The last discussion of the day was about our final projects which consists of us making two dishes.  We can choose from appetizer, main course and dessert.  The options are unlimited.  Already brainstorming the direction we want to go in.  Ill keep you posted…….Oh yeah, almost forgot we made some chocolate chips for cookies we are going to start tomorrow.  Jese, I thought of you as we heard the kefir story,  thought you could start your shepherding training soon and make kefir!


  1. Love everything you are doing, Kevin

  2. what an amazing experience kevin and the food looks delish.

  3. Hi! My name is Andrew Marr and I am the education coordinator for Ever'man in downtown Pensacola. Would you ever be interested in teaching a class or two at Ever'man's community kitchen?