Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 6

    Ohhhh the start of another beautiful week!  An unbelievably gorgeous morning as I cruised by the ocean on my skateboard.  A glorious start to everyday as I grab a cup of organic coffee(not Amavida) but good nonetheless.  As we all entered class, no one was quite sure of the direction week 2 would take us.  Here goes!  Knife skills are becoming as familiar as tying your shoes.  Hailey and I work our Japanese forged steels in a flurry.  We are able to fly thru the all to familiar cukes, peppers, carrots and oranges with the precision of seasoned veterans.  Our next task was cilantro and coconut wraps, we made the wraps which have a gorgeous green pop to them and spread them on our teflex.  They look gorgeous going in so I hope that means they look gorgeous tomorrow.  After sliding they in the dehydrators, we started work on our chili almond sauce.  This sauce is very similar to Raw & Juicy peanut sauce (ours is better…..shhhhhh).  Then our old friend the spiralizer was reunited with us.  We spiralized some zucchini for pasta and ribbon sliced some beautiful heirloom carrots to compliment the zucchini.  Our goal was to build a Sesame Oriental salad.  Yum Yum!  We built the salad with the aforementioned components and added cilantro, tamari almonds and micro greens to create a lovely creation.  Then we munched….sooo good.
     The afternoon session was not too long as the morning carried us far into the class time.  We came back and made a base for a vanilla ice cream.  Tomorrow we have the smoothie competition!  Hailey and I both have some tricks up our sleeve.  We are well versed in smoothie talk.   Keep posted.  Much love to everyone!

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