Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 3

     Another action packed day filled with knife skills to start.  I noticed Hailey crushed it today on her skills as she was juicing lemons before most of us had carved our oranges.  After the knife work, we made a delicious smoothie composed of blueberries, hemp seed and bee pollen along with fresh almond milk that we squeezed.  We all received our own personal nut milk bags.  Hooray!  After enjoying our delicious health boosters we rolled into kale chips.  Good ole kale chips….it was interesting to see the way the Matthew Kenney way on the chips.  Sometimes I think I live in the middle of kale chips as we pump out so many during the season.  Each of us put our own spin on them as I used chipotle to add a smoky flavor.  I believe Hailey went with a fat free chip and quite spicy they were.  Yummy yummy!
     The next project we undertook was kimchee.   A personal favorite of mine that we just had on special at the JBar.  Napa cabbage, purple cabbage and our matchsticks of red bell pepper and carrots.  In a few days ill let you know the results of our fermented brew.  We dived into pistachio pesto which is a component of veggie lasagna that we started yesterday.  We prepped the mandolined zucchini and off we were to the plating component.  Once again, we were allowed to plate our own dishes and everyone's looked spectacular!  Hailey is the photographer for us so we planned on having photo albums come out every Friday.  So get ready because our plates look amazing.  After indulging in our delectable dishes, cleanup time was upon us.  The day was great and our instructors, Cristina and Guinevere, were superb.  Looking forward to tomorrow when Asian dishes come into play!

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