Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 11

     Week 3 is upon us…..we had a fun filled weekend with the highlight being a barbecue at Haileys pad in Malibu!  As we got out of cooking mode, we re entered the raw zone.  No more knife skills as we all successfully passed that milestone.  We started class with making a base for our truffles.  Yes, that delectable chocolate treat!  It was a pretty basic recipe which we all maneuvered through with ease.  The focus was cheese next.  We made a cashew and macadamia nut cheese which we are fermenting for 48 hours in cheesecloth.  Another cheese we made was a take on swiss cheese…..hmmmm, that is a new one for me.  We spread this cheese on teflex sheets and put in dehydrator overnight.  It is spread thin so we are able to cut in thin slices for sandwiches.  We each added our own herb blend to the swiss.  Ill let you know how it turns out.
     The lunch project was a zucchini tartare which consisted of all the usual suspects….avocado, lemon, olive oil and basil.  It was a super easy dish but looks and tastes amazing!  After hitting our palates with this refreshing lunch, we plunged into pancakes.  We made maple and pecan pancakes.  The batter tasted really really delicious but won't be able to tell you til tomorrow how it tastes after being dehydrated.  Next we sampled ice cream from team Hailey and Mattin.  First, we had a maple and candied pecan ice cream….so very nice and you could not tell it had no dairy.  The next one was a basil and mint ice cream with a minty cacao sauce.  Both were very tasty!  Well done Hailey and Mattin!  That conclude are class….tough life….we are so blessed to be able to eat this amazing food everyday!

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