Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 4

     Oh knife skills!  Its amazing with practice how much better you get in a few days.  The brunoise seemed so daunting at first but now it is just a matter of whipping them up.  Ive noticed my speed and skill has improved greatly along with Hailey's too.  After chop chop chopping, Hailey and I got to make some pickled ginger for some impending sushi.  Hailey also got to make some tamari almonds as well.  We had a brief review of some super foods and then made an amazing smoothie.  It is a maca chai which might be the best smoothie I have ever had!  Coming soon to Raw & Juicy…..Jen you will love it!
     After breaking for a bit and enjoying a superb blend of spices in our creamy concoctions we plunged into the world of mango chutney.  A pretty nice recipe but for my palate I felt it was a bit to sour.  The mango is out of season and was a bit off.  Tamarind paste was another ingredient which brings a pucker sour flavor the chutney.  We will just have to change this one around a bit.  The class was also introduced to the sheet roller which is an amazing gadget that provides you with paper thin sheets of vegetables or fruits.  We used daikon which was to be a component of our nori hand rolls.  Each of us rolled hand rolls with leftovers of our morning knife skill session along with avocado and the mango chutney.  Excellent!  (except for the mango chutney…..gonna change it.)  Overall, a most excellent lunch.
     After lunch we made rosemary croutons which we will find out how they taste tomorrow.  A kale caesar salad with faux anchovy dressing on the docket for Friday.  The last unbelievably hard task of the day was tasting everyones kale chips from the day before.   It was interesting to see everyones take on them.  From smoked chipotle and smoked sea salt to apple cinnamon.  Hailey had a most unusual one as she went fat free.  Very good!  No nuts for Ms. Nutt.  Another outstanding day as we are delving deeper into our respective culinary pockets and absorbing all this knowledge like a sponge.  Well done class!

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