Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 8

     A good day for numero ocho.  We got to bypass knife skills and head right for the flatbread.  We made a flatbread of pecans and are good old friend flax.  Flax seems to be the wonder binder in the world of raw food.  After our flatbread, we jumped into our first quiz.  Pretty basic if you paid attention to the super foods and kitchen knowledge.  Think we aced it!  The rest of the day involved soaking and rinsing buckwheat.  For what I am not sure.  We also soaked the all too familiar groat and put in dehydrator for a flour we are going to make.  Then we jumped into our meal for the day…..Mexican tostados.  My mouth is watering writing about it.  I love Mexican cuisine with its heavy use of fresh veggies and such.  We made a slaw for the base of the tostado with a cashew vinaigrette.  Next we got to make our own version of a pico de gallo which means roosters beak.  Go figure….the Mexicans call it salsa fresca but here in America we have botched the translation.  Guacamole came into the fold next….who doesn't love guacamole?  The most impressive component we made was a lovely mole.  Made of many ingredients which are way too complicated to try to tell you.  Just wait…..everyone will see a version soon.  Hailey made a cashew sour cream too.  We put all the ingredients together and made one heck of a dish.
    The afternoon was all about coconuts.  A gentleman came and gave us a demo on his new coconut opening device.  The company is called Coco Jack….with a slogan of the other white meat.  A very nifty tool that makes a lot of sense.  It was cool getting a first look at it.  A great day as all of us are making strides in our quest to be come the Next Top Raw Chef!  Plus, here is a pic of me with a blender accident!

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