Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 of my adventure to Oklahoma...raw food culinary school

I am running late to the airport. Its not my fault but a long family lineage for me to enjoy from generations of women (and men) on my mothers side of the family. Truly would take a mass exorcism for me to get past this travel karma so instead I relax, and laugh, and anticipate the adventure.

Day 1 Begins. Lost luggage.

My host Rob greets me with a glass of wine in the garden and three hairy beast friends, a home that makes to me! A shower with dawn kitchen soap, and 9 sweet hours of sleep...a true vacation.

Rob has left me a great bike to enjoy and I am off to find a cup of coffee and the lay of the land. I am literally a block from the school, sandwiched by two midwestern roads without sidewalks...or bikers. Luckily its Labor Day and the roads are mostly deserted...and businesses closed. I end up at a place called Lees Sandwich a truly refreshing experience, filled with Vietnamese and Thai people. I dont understand a word but find some coconut milk, and coffee and stay for very satisfying people watching.

The afternoon rambles be cont.

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