Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of School

The first day of school was great! We got fancy new SHARP knives, aprons, and chef hats...hmm, haute couture! The restaurant is beautiful, very modern with a delicious and diverse menu, the kitchen is open to the dining room kitchen, and the teaching area is equally beautiful stocked with the best equipment.

We made a beautiful asian salad and had it for lunch. And in the afternoon we made granola that we put in the dehydrator for breakfast this morning, and almond milk to pour over our breakfasts. We indulged in wheatgrass, and experimented making our own smoothies with their plethora of superfood ingredients that are beautifully lined on silver shelves in glass jars. Fun day, and yummy.

I made it to a Kundalini yoga class, totally fun and wacky. And actually bought some groceries. Im on my way to being settled. I start work tonight, Ive been asked to help the restaurant with their juice bar...apparently the achilles heal for 105 Degrees. Hopefully Ill have some insight:)?
...I bought a camera last night and will begin to take pictures of everything...

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